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Europe coronavirus deaths surpass 5,000 mark

Europe coronavirus deaths passed the incredible 5,000 marks today – Friday, March 20, 2020. And, now it has become the new epicenter of the raging pandemic. At the moment, Italy, Germany and Spain are at the forefront of the virus spread.

Italy is leading Europe coronavirus deaths. It recorded 627 cases today. And, this is the largest day-to-day increase reported since the outbreak of the virus. The total number of deaths reported from Italy stood at 4,032.

Also, 6,000 new cases were reported from Italy today. And, the total number of affected has reached 47,000.

ConfirmedCoronavirus cases by country
Confirmed coronavirus cases by

Europe coronavirus deaths compared to the world

By today, more than 268,000 cases have been reported from around the world. The death toll stands at nearly 12,000. According to WHO, over 86,000 have recovered.

Until the end of February, coronavirus cases stood at 100,000. And, the vast majority were in China. However, once the virus entered March, the situation exploded. Now the daily reported cases and the death toll from Europe are much more than the cases and deaths in China.

As of today, no new cases of coronavirus were reported from China. However, now they have to brace for the second wave of the virus. Although there are no domestically transmitted cases, China is now facing an increasing number of imported cases.

What happened in Italy?

What happened in Italy?
What happened in Italy?

Italy has one of the most sophisticated healthcare systems in the world. However, it collapsed within just weeks of this coronavirus outbreak. And now, Italy is leading all of Europe coronavirus deaths.

Most alarmingly, the death toll in Italy has now surpassed China’s. And now, authorities have called in the military to help enforce a complete lockdown, with the staggering number of cases and deaths.

The city of Lombardy was the most hard-hit city in Italy. There, hospitals and medical teams are struggling to treat thousands of new cases reported every day. And, the fear is, in case of a breakdown in the healthcare system, the situation will soon spiral out of control.

However, a Chinese team of medical experts is now in Italy to help the authorities in controlling the outbreak. But, the Chinese have said the measures taken by the Italian Government were not nearly strict enough.

As a result, Italy has now ordered the military to impose more stringent measures. Accordingly, 114 soldiers will be deployed throughout Lombardy. This is a small team. But, this is a positive change.

Other affected countries in Europe

Germany and Spain too continue to report a rising number of cases. Overnight, these two countries reported over 3,000 cases. The number of deaths in these two countries has now increased to 1,002 from the previous 767.

Accordingly, there are nearly 14,000 cases in Germany and 20,000 cases in Spain.

On the other hand, Belgium recorded about 470 new cases today. This brings the total number of cases in Belgium to 2,257.


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