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Why you’re not losing weight no matter what you do

No matter how hard you try, sometimes losing weight can end up being a losing battle. There are many reasons why this can happen. It can be either the wrong exercise or wrong food choice. Or, it can be something totally unexpected.

Sleep and losing weight

The young generation today has a habit of staying up till late at night. Some don’t even get 4-5 hours of sleep at night. This not only leads to weight gain but a whole gamut of other health issues. Too much sleep or too little sleep can have severe consequences in losing weight.

An average person has to get the required number of sleep hours, which can vary between 6 and 9 hours. This may seem like a luxury to many, but that is what you need to do if you want to live a health life, and to lose weight.

Not drinking enough water

Why you’re not losing weight no matter what you do


A sure way to lose weight is drinking at least 6 cups of clean water. This does not include beverages such as coffee or tea. It has to be clear water. Most importantly, you have to skip going for sodas and juices, which are full of sugar.

It doesn’t matter if you work out every day if you do not lay off sugary carbonated drinks. Losing weight might not be such a struggle if you opt for a glass of clear water every time you feel thirsty.

Skipping meals is the worst

If you go more than eight hours without eating, then metabolism can slow down. This will affect the digestion of the next meal. Then the calories that are not burnt will get stored in the body, adding pounds to your waste. Some believe that skipping meals can lead to losing weight. They can’t be more wrong. It actually adds weight.

Eating out is a no no


There are few people who love to cook. The vast majority wants to take the easy way out. That is ordering takeout. Most of the time restaurant meals come with extra oil, salt or sugar. These can pile up calories. Even the light dishes can contain more calories than a simple home cooked meal.

So if you’re feeling lazy, just whip up a simple salad, or a soup. If you’re goal is losing weight, then a little commitment can bring about real results?

Couch potatoes

If you’re a 9 to 5 desk bound exec then losing weight can be a little challenging. But, make the best out of your commute to work. Walk, instead of taking a taxi. Go for an early morning jog. Then, every half an hour get up and walk for a few minutes. If you keep seated the whole, your mid-section tends to collect all the extra pounds.

This goes for TV addicts too. We sit in front of the tv for a considerable length of time. It can binge watching movies, sports or gaming. We always take a greasy snack and a soda to keep us company while we’re doing this. Take breaks in between. Walk around. And, instead of fast food or popcorn, prepare a healthy snack. Losing weight will not be such a challenge if you do this.



When you want to lose weight, the first instinct is to exercise. Not many want to control their diet. If you don’t control your diet, exercise won’t help you in losing weight. Many people have the habit of consuming a large meal after exercising. They feel they’d earned it after a grueling workout session. Nothing can be more counterproductive than this.

Be honest to yourself. Stick to the workout routine. And, control the diet. You will see results soon.


No matter how fit you are and how much attention you pay to exercise and diet control, none of that will mean much if you go on regular drinking binges. Beer is full of calories. Having more than three drinks a day can increase your body mass exponentially.

Moderate drinking can actually help losing weight. A glass of red wine per day with a meal, especially at dinner, can be a healthy option.

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