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Concept of Healthy Meal Prep for every day

Why Healthy Meal Prep has gained much importance during these days along with other wellness concerns? The answer is obvious and simple. A fitness freak or a model wants to keep a well shaped body usually care about the healthiness of food. However, tight and busy environment of the present day society, people tend to consume lot of fast foods. It most properly would cause health concerns.

There arises the Healthy Meal Prep Concept. It’s easy. Without waiting for the last minute you can pre-plan what you want to eat. It lessens household chores. Care must be taken when choosing food items according to required calorie amount. This is important if you want to lose weight. You just open the fridge take out share of food and heat it before eating.

Concept of Healthy Meal Prep
Concept of Healthy Meal Prep

Advantages of meal prepping concept

You may think this something problematic. But when you do it you can gradually realise how easy and advantageous it is.

Concept of Healthy Meal Prep

When you are coming home after work you need not to buy take away food if already there are nutritious meals in your fridge to consume. In mornings too, you don’t have to sneak into a restaurant to grab a bite for breakfast when you have prepped food. On the other hand you can keep prepped separated for each meal. Then it is possible to organise the amount you consume.

It is time saving as well

Probably you will have to devote sometime for food prepping. But think about the time taken for preparing foods every day, night or morning. You are actually saving time. Think about time you spend at the groceries when not planned.

You are saving money also

When shopping with a pre planned list you don’t go for buying sprees. In addition, in this way excess buying of food items too will be stopped preventing wastage.

If losing fat is your aim this would help you

The Concept of Food Prepping helps planning each meal according to the amount of calories required. In this way overeating in impulse stops and helps control weight.

Methodical way of Healthy Meal Prep

No wonder Meal Prepping must be planned carefully because it is a way of methodical food preparation. Given below are some proven steps to follow.

 Choose a method

Prepped food must be kept in a fridge for all weekdays. So selection has to do accordingly. Other thing is time and you don’t have to spend hour after hour in the kitchen. There are steps to be followed to prepare food in quick time. Read below:

Baking on flat a pan:

This is a time saving method. You can put all items that must bake on this flat pan or sheet pan and bake. This method is most suitable for meat and vegetables specially when making fajitas. All ingredients such as beef strips, pepper and onion or potato and carrot can bake in a one go.

Single pot boiling:

Not all foods are to be baked. We have to boil some. In boiling also we can lump several items together in a big pot just like baking on a flat pan. When some food items like soup, curries or stews are needed in quantities this method is very useful.

Pick in style:

Here the prepping done separately and that give you chance to eat them in ways you like. For example, you can use prepped food in various ways such as fried beef in fajitas, sandwiches or tacos. In this method you will have to spend a bit more time but it gives variance.

Don’t follow one method, try to improvise and you really will enjoy. Arrange cooking in such a way to save time like while the baking is on engage in grilling meet or boiling vegetable.

A Methodical way for Meal Prepping
A Methodical way for Meal Prepping

Devise a plan for meals

After deciding on the path to follow, now devise a good plan for your food prepping adventure. Normally the plan must cover five working days of the week and you can do prepping during the weekend. Do it leisurely and enjoy it.

You may see lot of possibilities but don’t try all at once. For starters it is better to choose few recipes at first.

But they must contain all required nutrients as well variance of tastes. Say, beef fajitas with boiled potatoes and some cauliflower! Or roasted chicken breast stuffed with lobsters and a green salad!! You must consider about getting washed and chopped green vegetables or roasted chicken from the marked. That save time and prevent boring work such as peeling and shredding. When you start prepping you’ll very many innovative ideas.


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