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How to unwind without alcohol while on holiday

Unwind without alcohol during holidays is the biggest challenge for many. Holidays can pile up stress more than giving you time to relax. Especially end of the year holiday season can bring on so much pressure that there is no option but to grab a bottle of wine in order to feel relaxed. But, there are many ways to unwind without alcohol. And, we will tell you how.

Unwind without alcohol

Work out to unwind without alcohol

This is something you have already done. And, it is something you have done all year round. But, holidays are busy times. However, there is no reason why you should not set aside 30 minutes of your time every day to hit the gym. Or, you can go for a relaxing jog. Or, you can even stay at home and do a few crunches. The secret is to go for a vigorous routine. Also, the increased adrenaline can keep you on your toes. And this can help you relax and upbeat. Also, this can definitely help in bringing more holiday cheer into your household. And, what a way to unwind without alcohol.

Avoid shoptalk

It is common to just relax with your office buddies with a couple of beers after work. Or, a glass or two of wine. But, this is a habit worth breaking. This type of drinking will not help anyone. And, it doesn’t help your output at work. And, it does not help your stress level. So, shoptalk as a way of distressing after work can give you totally opposite results.

Cook your favourite food

There is no other activity that can help you relax and unwind than cooking your favourite food. Go exotic. Even if you’re not much of a cook, grab a cookbook or and online recipe. And start experimenting. Chopping the ingredients can be quite therapeutic. Also, try to grab organic food items as much as possible. Go for a carbohydrate-rich dish. It can help you relax. And, it is the perfect way to unwind without alcohol.

Start gardening

Just staying outdoors and tending to plants is an ideal way to unwind. On the other hand, for some, gardening may be stressful. But, it does not have to be. Put on a sun hat and a pair of gloves, and start digging a plot and plant some flowers. Or, even some vegetables. So that when you cook your favourite tomato dish, you can pick your chemical-free, organic fruits from your own garden. What can be more stress-busting than that!

Hit the bath to unwind without alcohol

Plunge into a warm bath enriched with aromatherapy oil. Just soak your tired muscles and relax. Put all your worries, holiday stress, kids, visitors, shopping lists out of your mind. Just relax in your bath with a good romance novel. You can take just one glass of red to the tub. Adding drops of chamomile, lavender, sandalwood or juniper oil into your bath is a sure way to unwind without alcohol.

Watch a romantic comedy

Put all your worries aside. And, watch a romantic comedy. A bunch of Woody Allen movies is a good option. Take care to avoid heavy gut-wrenching drama or suspense thrillers. These can in fact increase your stress. The aim is to relax. And a good laugh can go a long way in clearing the toxins in your blood. After all, the laughter they do say is the best medicine!

Go for a swim

At the end of a busy workday, go for a relaxing swim. And, if you are too tired to lift your muscles, then just float on water. If you have your won floatation tank, then it is even better. Also, put some Epsom salt. On the other hand, you can play some light music. And even light a few candles. Floating in solitude can bring on so much relaxation. Try it. It is one of the tested ways to unwind without alcohol.

Put your cell phone aside

One of the curses of modern technology is that it has become impossible for us to get through the day without our mobile phone. But, at the end of a busy day, just leave it aside. Your boss may call you. Or, someone on the other side of the Earth might want to discuss a business deal at night. But, once you return home from work, leave the phone aside. Have a chat with your spouse or partner. They may have had a stressful day too. But, the two of you can help peach other relax. Be with your kids, if you have any. Also, Play with your pets. Or, do any of the activities listed above. It can definitely help you unwind, rather than grabbing that bottle of beer or wine!

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