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Stress leads to depression more than you realise

It is no doubt that stress leads to depression. According to recently done studies people in the age group, 25-40 are in a higher level of stress. This generation is called millennials and have been exposed to the harshest forms of competition and the worst kind of relationships. Because of these conditions, they lead a lifestyle that is not good for physical health and eventually leading to a deteriorated mental state. Then, stress leads to depression. Stress is the symptom with the danger of leading to depression if neglected.

Stress leads to depression more than you realise

How stress leads to depression

Stress is a sort of nervous tension. When we can’t cope up with our workload or when not able to meet deadlines we get tensed. As earlier discussed the competition is very high. Your level of performance is the only guarantor of the job. Personal relationships are of no value. None of the peers can help because they also are in the same boat. That is how stress leads to depression. The only way out is streamlining or planning your workload. Break the goal into several short parts. The divide time span for each work. Time spending on planning is very worthy. It would ease your mind and leave stress away.

Music calms the nerves down

Music has a mood-setting effect and both early Oriental and Western Civilizations used music creatively enhance dramatic effects. In a symphony, only instruments play and no vocals but the effect it makes on listeners mind is vast. Instrumental music plays in a low tempo makes your nerves sooth. Why not play such music at the office amidst engaging hectic workload? Then we can prevent that stress leads to depression. Low key music suits for hectic days while high tempo six-eight varieties are suitable for dull uninteresting days. Whatever it is music is a soothing agent for stress.

Go to bed early:

Although late-night activities are widespread among those people we discussed that’s not a good thing. The reason for losing sleep is not only nightlife enjoyments but also addicted engagement in social media activities as well as difficulty in sleeping due to stress also affect the sleep. This is a bad situation for the physical as well as mental health concerns. You have to sleep at least six hours a day to keep essential fitness level. Doing some physical exercises or engaging in a sport is good for sleeping. After some sweating sleep come easier.

Take Ashvagandha tablets with your food:

Ashvagandha plant is widely used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Now a tablet containing the extract has been produced. The Botanical name is Withania somnifera and the common name is in Sanskrit. Ashva means horse and gandha means smell. It is said that Ashvagandha roots have the smell of a horse. The legends say that Ashvagandha makes people as strong as a horse. It also has stress and anxiety-relieving adaptogen substance.

With the hectic lifestyle millennial people, the food component has become something not that important or relevant. It’s just something to keep the steam going.  But results are gloomy, a generation of stressful unhealthy freaks who experiences that stress leads to depression.

Keep in mind that there are some foods also, just like music relieves stress and anxiety.  Try them, any fruit at your office while working, like sucking an orange. Promise you, it would give you a nice stress-free feeling.


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