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Secrets to brighter whiter teeth

Having a set of brighter whiter teeth is everybody’s dream. There may be many reasons why your teeth lose their gleam whiteness. There are many reasons why your pearly whites lose their beauty. Some of them may be ageing, the types of food and drinks we consume or even bad dental practices. There are many things you can do at home to remedy this, or avoid further staining of your teeth and continue to have brighter whiter teeth.

To have brighter whiter teeth

There are some stains that you can get rid of without the help of a professional. There are many do-it-yourself remedies in the market that are easy to use, such as toothpaste, kits, rinses, that may help remove stains and bring back your brighter whiter teeth. However, these teeth whitening products that are available in the market can only remove surface stains. They use mild chemicals to whiten yellowish teeth. Unfortunately, these remedies are not long-lasting. Also, they may not clean deep stains. This is when you need professional help.

Whitening kits

Carbamide peroxide, which is a bleach, is a common ingredient that is used to achieve a set of brighter whiter teeth. This can even remove deep stains, particularly, coffee stains. This bleach can be applied on the teeth with a small brush or it can be applied with the use of a tray, which needs to be worn for over half an hour each morning until the desired results are achieved.

Other products

There are a number of whitening toothpaste and rinses available in the market. The secret really is to select a product that helps your requirement. Many of these products don’t contain bleach. Therefore, they don’t change the natural colour of your teeth. They only contain mild chemicals or polishing substances that easily help you regain your brighter whiter teeth.

Home remedies

Brighter whiter teeth
Brighter whiter teeth

There are a lot of people who swear by traditional home remedies to ensure a set of brighter whiter teeth. The most common home remedy to whiten teeth is to apply some baking soda to the toothbrush and to brush gently. There are certain fruits and vegetables that produce a lot of salivae. Chewing on them is believed to be able to wash away food debris that is stuck to the teeth after a meal. Another tooth cleansing action is to chew gum. However, one must make sure the gum is sugar-free, otherwise, it serves no purpose other than to add more sugar.

A trip to the dentist

If you have done a lot of work on your teeth, then it is wise to avoid using home remedies or do-it-yourself methods. There are a lot of people who have done fillings, got crowns done, and have bridges. A word of caution – bleach will not be able to whiten these artificial teeth. Therefore, if you bleach your teeth, you run the risk of having one or two yellow teeth remaining in odd places, amidst pearly white teeth. Now, that would be embarrassing.

Stained teeth

Don’t light up

If you need to maintain a set of brighter whiter teeth, do not smoke. Smoking can not only destroy your lungs, but it can also discolour your teeth, giving them an unsightly yellow look. The biggest offender is tobacco. It can go deep inside the tooth enamel, making it impossible to clean your teeth with conventional methods. No matter how often or vigorously you brush your teeth, the stubborn tobacco stains will not yield. Continued smoking can stain your teeth irrevocably. Also, it can cause various diseases in the gum and also gives you an odious bad breath!

Foods stain teeth too

It is often repeated that one must watch what one eats. This can be said when it comes to staining teeth too. Some foods contain dyes that can discolour our teeth. One of the biggest offenders is coffee. Prolonged drinking of coffee can make teeth darken in colour as it gives them a deep stain. Certain drinks such as tea and coloured sodas can also discolour the teeth.

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