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COVID-19 myth busters for the public

COVID-19 is the biggest health risk of 2020. China is battling to contain the fast-spreading virus with nearly 100,000 cases reported so far. And many countries around the world too are fighting to stop the spread of the deadly disease. However, more than the virus, fake news on COVID-19 is spreading faster. Therefore, here we take a look at some myths surrounding the fatal disease.

Can hand dryers kill COVID-19?

One of the main myths on the coronavirus is that hand dryers can easily get rid of the virus. However, according to the World Health Organization, hand dryers cannot kill or neutralize the virus. The best way to protect yourself against this new virus is to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and running water. You can also clean your hands using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. But, once you clean your hands using soap and water or sanitizer, then you can either use a paper towel or an air dryer to dry the hands.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

Ultraviolet lamp can kill the virus?

This is not only useless against fighting coronavirus, it also can have a hazardous effect on your skin. Do not use Ultraviolet lams to sanitize hands or any other part of your body. It can be harmful to the body. Also, it can lead to skin irritation and various other skin conditions.

The role of thermal scanners

We have all seen thermal scanners being directed at people at airports and other entryways. Can they detect COVID-19? The simple answer is no. However, are they completely useless in containing the virus? The answer again is no.

Thermal scanners can detect people who are running a fever. It means that they can detect heightened body temperature. But, they cannot detect the virus. Also, they cannot identify people who have been infected but not yet showing symptoms.

Can alcohol kill coronavirus?

The simple answer to this question is NO. If the virus has already entered your body, there is nothing you can do about it. But, using hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol can keep your hands germs free. Alcohol or chlorine can be used to disinfect public space. This can go a long way in keeping the virus at bay.

But, drinking alcohol can have no event whatsoever in preventing or curing the virus. It is just an excuse to have a guilt-free drink.

Can pets spread this virus?

At the moment, there is no evidence to suggest that pets can be infected with the coronavirus. But, there is no reason to make sure your pet is cleaned regularly. Domestic animals can carry various diseases. Therefore, keep your pets clean. Also, wash your hands with soap and water after playing with your pets.

Can flu vaccine help?

No. Scientists are still working on a vaccine for COVID-19. This is yet to yield any results. But, vaccines already available for the common flue have no effect towards fighting this new virus. However, it is important to keep even the common flu at bay, since the coronavirus attacks those with low immunity.

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